Island Hopping

Luxury island hopping!

Vista team is highly experienced in island hopping.

Our favourites:
Mykonos – Folegandros – Ios – Anafi – Milos – Crete






Not just glamorous!

history. nature. glamorous.

Unforgetable Parties.Underneath there is a hidden part known for nature’s rich heritage and eternal Cycladic beauty.

Full of private beaches and bays, some only reachable by boat.

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The most interesting coastline  of any other island of this size in the world.

Colors. Coats.Landscapes.Love

Known as the island of colours, because of its spectacular, colourful rock formations.


  • Dramatic coastal landscapes.
  • Urreal moonlike rock formations.
  • The largest variety of coasts in Cyclades.
  • The most extreme coastal landscapes that can exist.
  • Known as the island of love
  • Every beach is unique. Most of them reachable only by a Private Yacht.

Available for a Day Cruise.

10 hours



A different Greece just around the corner!

History. Architecture. Peace.
Named after the son of king Minos. An untouched piece of true Greece.


  • Relaxing atmosphere
  • Beautiful beaches reachable by boat
  • One of the oldest traditional medieval towns in the Cyclades (Hora -central city)
  • Off- the-beaten-paths
  • Traditionla untouched architecture

Available for a Day Cruise.

10 hours


A non-stop party!

Hedonic. Loud. Free.

Ideal for nonstop booze-fuelled partying, linked with sea sun and love.


  • Unique beaches reachable by boat
  • Traditional chora (central city)
  • Unique view.
  • Unforgetable Parties.

Available for a Day Cruise.

10 hours


Nature that still remains pure!
Perfect for those who want to explore more.

Traditional. Relaxing. Authentic

According to legends, Anafi emerged from the sea at the behest of Apollo, in response to prayers from the wandering, storm-tossed Argonauts for a convenient landfall.


  • Away from the noise of tourists
  • Untouched from the modern times
  • Just a few miles away from Santorini
  • Traditional Greece secrets
  • Amazing coast lines
  • Famous Venetian castle
  • Old city in Kastelli
  • Old Roman port
  • Nature that still remains pure.

Available for a Day Cruise.

10 hours



The whole Greece in one island

Culture. Nature. Celebration of life.

Crete is famous for its NATURA protected beaches, which are unique in the world. Known for one of the most ancient civilization in Europe.


  • Rich gastronomic culture.
  • Fertile valleys and steep gorges.
  • A window to the acient world.
  • Unique beaches
  • Extremely diverse Landscapes
  • Breathtaking canyons.
  • World-famous cuisine
  • Dreamy villages.
  • Traditional celebrations
  • Ancient treasures and culture.

Available for a Day Cruise.
10 hours

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